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November 1. 2014 | 11:55pm | Robert Johnson

Philip Berg (Tropic Rhonda, FFM)
Phuong-Dan (Gatto Musculoso, Golden Pudel, HH)
Helena Hauff (Werkdiscs, Golden Pudel, HH)


facebook event:
..the event page got lost during the conversion of the “tactile frankfurt” facebook account from a profile to a page. so what! ;)

As you know tactile is all about the concentrated dedication for versatile music on vinyl and of course we love DJs that feel the same passion too. This saturday three of germany’s most deeply committed DJs will play at tactile’s 4th anniversary party.

About our special guest:

Helena Hauff is a DJ and producer from Hamburg, Germany, where she runs a club night called Birds and Other Instruments at the Golden Pudel Club.
 Helena’s sound as a DJ can’t be nailed down as she cuts between genres with ease. Dirty Acid, Chicago, Electro and Wave mixed in an obsessive way, as you can hear on Blackest Ever Black’s sub label Krokodilo Tapes, where she released a limited edition mix tape, ‘Obscure Object’.
As a producer this obsessive nature comes across in the intensity of her music. This can be seen in her releases that have been on Actress’s Werkdiscs imprint, and Bunker offshoot, Panzerkreuz. In addition, she is half of ‘Black Sites’ along with F#X, who have also seen a release on Panzerkreuz as well as PAN.

Hypnobeat Rooted in the concept of a “neo-tribal” approach; reducing electronics to the emotional, hypnotic rhythm core, James Dean Brown founded Hypnobeat in 1983. Affected by the energy and the emotional impact of polyrhythms, their live sets turned out to become machine improvisations centered around the inimitable sound of the Roland TR-808 plus a wide range of analog gear including up to six synchronized rhythm machines. Active contributors to the tape scene of the 80′s, two retrospective Hypnobeat vinyl albums are planned for release in 2014 on Serendip and Dark Entries.

In 2012 Hypnobeat retransformed from its successor Narcotic Syntax (Perlon) with an exclusive live solo performance of James Dean Brown in Paris. Now 2013 sees the exciting new evolution of Hypnobeat with Helena Hauff joining the project. Available for live shows consisting of 1 x TR-707 + 3 x TR-808 + 1x TB-303 + an array of effects, Hypnobeat (James Dean Brown + Helena Hauff) is resurrected.

source: annex agency


Philip Berg & Phuong-Dan:

Those of you who came down to last years tactile anniversary party will surely remember Philip Berg’s excellent warm-up set. Those who missed it, check the link below or just come by early and witness his fine selection and skills yourself. You also find a link below to an excerpt of an extensive session of Philip Berg along “Golden Pudel” resident Phuong-Dan spinning all night long at Hamburg’s legendary club.

click to sound check:
Helena at work
Philip Berg at work
Phuong-Dan & Philip Berg team play at Golden Pudel



A million thanks for the continuous support!

See you at the club…

Yours truly Team Tactile

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